Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes Man & Ip Man

A very funny movie as expected from Jim Carrey yeah!!!! must see movie!

Worth buying the Original DVD copy.

This movie (Ip Man) which stars my hero Donnie Yen( huwarggh!!) is a great one! Can't stop screaming in the cinema maa, eventhough I'm on the 2nd front seat (sakit tengkuk maa). What makes it more interesting is that it's historical (worth a best picture nominee yeah) ahah

Woth buying the original Blue Ray copy (to have an extra feeling of the super fast punch) yeah!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I Hereby declare to stop being emotional bout the topic! hehehe......... (a msg for me)

Beyonce - If I Were A Boy (my reflection)

(Correct me if I'm wrong)

dis song (Beyonce - If I Were A Boy), is about how a female wants her beloved male to understands her, and it maybe better if she'd understand him and have the chance to be in his shoes.

I do love this song cos it reminds me on how I wanted to be in a females shoes (which tells why I can be so feminine, ahha) . I really have tried to understand, like and do things that females would do so dat I'd be a better man for my beloved (whoever she is).

Unfortunately it doesn't work, no matter wat I tried, it'll turn out wrong. I will never understand them female. Eventhough I do n like wat female like, it won't be a use, because for certain reason it's just not right.

A man just have to be a man and vice versa. Eventhough us guys dun understand ur heart and feelings, hurt u n stuff, it's the best thing to be, because that's what we're created to be, to hurt the one we love the most (take this positively) ; male and female.

Don't worry, "Ai Araba It's Okay" - if there's love it's okay.

It'll end up okay, we'll accept it kan!

lgpun I believe Beyonce just wanted to express her feelings to make her feel better, rite gals?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good Will Hunting 1997 (quote)

"Sean: You're not perfect, sport, and let me save you the suspense: this girl you've met, she's not perfect either. But the question is whether or not you're perfect for each other. "

Congrats to Matt Damon n Ben Affleck.

p/s : tiru Alia ahaha

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cursed into a Sting Ray, old myth...busted

Not a long time ago, there's this fuss about a 3gp video clip showing of a human being cursed to be a sting ray. In addition to that, the clip also includes Islamic or Arabic recitation (wasn't sure bout dis, wether its quran or not) Urgh..!! Menyeramkan!!! (scary). It gets to everyone's sight and most of them believe it thus many version of story came out. The clip as shown from the pic above were said to be a man who'd been ungrateful to his mother, thus have been cursed by God and turned to an animal; a sting ray.......(this was the version I heard)

Well last afternoon, I was watching Animal Planet (556 Astro), there this prog with the late Steve Irwin catching an animal. Guess what he catched, A CURSED STING RAY MAN!!! ..It's not a sting ray, its a shark called Shovel Nose Shark which is exactly what the so called CURSED STING RAY MAN looked like.

So now I ask, who in the world created that story, that myth. What in the world are they thinking? was it to corrupt our Muslim society? or was it just any stupid myth/rumour maker? or maybe it's an unusual animal to be seen by them?

whatever it is, it's busted... who'd believe such a thing, I doubted it dlu..(btol tau, x caya suda)

p/s: lesson is dun believe sumtin until it's proven so....

Friday, December 12, 2008

What do we get from Cicakman 2 : Planet Hitam (1st post)

Yesterday 11 December 2008, I went to watch Cicakman 2 : Planet Hitam (Malaysia's comedy superhero). If it wasn't my fren who ask me to go out n watch the movie, I would've never want to watch the movie. I'd rather watch Wayang or sumtin else, hehe. I'd rate the movie 1/5 stars in terms of it's storyline and visual.

I'm the kind of person who'd love movies. I love movies which I can get, learn and experience someting from it. Well the movie with 1/5 stars rated, what do I get from the movie?. well there are sum stuff (good n bad)...

(those who wanted to watch the movie first, who'd hate to for it to be spoiled better dun read)

1.Metrofulus (the setting of the movie) is the only place in Malaysia (as the Malaysian flag were shown) where people can have a rally, tunjuk perasan without being sprayed by someone.

2.The spontaneous jokes were funnier than the ones on the script. This can be seen by the acts of Saiful Apek and Mamat Khalid.

3.There might be sum sort of racism portrayed (Chinese, Blacks, Arabs). I dunno bout this or maybe I'm just being too sensitive (yeah I think I'm being to sensitive).

4.The graphic were bad. But I think we just need to support it as it may be the platform for us to be better in the future (kot!). But seriously it was bad. The movie was suppose to be action based, but most of the action were computer graphics, which kinda spoiled it. Sorry Yusry (but u got lot of money, no matter la)

5.I think Saiful Apek is a great guy. Eventhough his jokes are to me lame and out of dated, but the best thing bout him is that he had his own identity as an actor and entertainer. Its better than trying to be the Malaysian Bean, Jim Carrey, etc. Apek is Apek n I'll respect u..

I think that's what I remembered bout the movie. hehehe...

Support Malaysia la weyh!!! (bola sepak xle makan, movie still can)

p/s: bkan I Love You, tp (hehe) this is my first blog n first post. tq...hehe