Friday, July 17, 2009

The Exorcist (1973) Never Trust The Devil (part 2)

Assalamualaikum wbt.

It has been a while since the last time I posted something. I am really sorry because I am still busy with CPS, classes, etc. But from time, I will try to find some to post something on this blog.

Here's another meaningful quotes from the movie The Exorcist (1973) :

Father Merrin and Father Damien are taking a rest from the exorcism;

Father Damien : Why this girl? It doesn't make sense.

Father Merrin : I think the point is to make us despair.

Father Merrin : To see oursleves as...

Father Merrin : ...animal and ugly.

Father Merrin : To reject the possibility that God could love us.

When I'm all settled down and have my own room I will indeed post more. Thank you . May Allah SWT bless you all. Amin.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's a kampung life ... ( especially for Willisena and Syaiful)


I know I haven't updated my blog for quite a while. I'm so sorry because I just want to inform my friends about my missing hand phone.

Here's a post about my kampung life. This post is especially for my dear friend sister Willisena and her dear husband Syaiful.

I went back home last Tuesday and I had to borrow my dad's digital camera to take the pictures because I lost my camera phone.

It's the fruit season, at home we have lots of seasonal fruits. Here's the Rambutan.
Here's another Rambutan tree.

Here's a picture of the Durian tree from below. I don't eat Durian but I do love Tempoyak (processed Durian like how they make Cheese from milk, I think)

Here's some Ciku. Kak Lis said that in English it's called Chiku. I hope she's referring to the same fruit. It's called Sapodilla (thank you al-Azhar Tengku al-Walid)

Here's the equipment we use to pluck those fruits. Just imagine how it works because I don't know how to explain it to you.

Here's a view of one of the fruit's tree. Guess what kind tree it is?

Yes it is a Manggosteen tree.

I have to climb the tree to get the fruit. It's fun to climb the tree because the branches are strong and it goes like a ladder.

To make it easier I have to hang the bag (I'm using a plastic bag) on one of its branches so that it's easier for me to climb the tree and pluck the fruits.

I can see the fruit now...

Got it...

A picture taken on the tree.

Moving on to the chicken barn(Jali's Palace).

A view from inside of the barn.

I think you guys have been expecting him. Yup, this is Jali. He's busy at the back part of our house now.

Jali. No he is not snobbish(Thank You Alia for the translation of 'sombong') . He does come to our kitchen but rarely now because he's busy being the King at the backyard. He's no 'Kacang Lupakan Kulit'.

This is my home. We're trying to grow grass but it's the season where it rarely rains, so it's a bit hard for that.At the back there there's three trees. Those are the manggosteen trees.

And finally a picture taken by my brother. I love this.

Thank You.