Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nasi Goreng Paprik Screw You!!! (warning explicit content)

Int. Cafe Faruq, Nite.

Syaukat, Scott and Duwe were hanging out and about to have dinner at Faruq's Cafe. Duwe is having maggie goreng, looks really delicious while Scott is enjoying Corn flavored Soya Milk he bought at the kiosk. Syaukat is waiting for his ala cart dinner he ordered. Then a look from the ala cart counter shows that Syaukat's food is ready.


berape ?

Food att.

tiga setengah...


(pays him then goes back to his two friends to enjoy dinner)

The three friends chat along while having dinner, mocking each other for fun. Syaukat who's eating his dinner SUDDENLY stop, looking towards his food in shock and anger.





Babi betol, ade screw dlm nasi ni, pukimak btol ah...

Scott and Duwe looks into Syaukat's Nasi Goreng Paprik. They both went into shock, well Scott actually is in shock but remain his coolness.


(angry)takde takde, aku nak mintak duit aku balik, puki btol, boleh mati doh camni...

aku nk amik gmba dlu ...

Scott and Duwe (not together)

haa amik gamba...celaka doh

Syaukat takes his cameraphone and took (tq Pendekar Rimau Berantai) pictures of his dinner with the screw in it. He went back to the ala cart counter to claim his money back bringing along his dinner with the screw in it.


(trying to control anger) Bro! Bro! ade screw dlm ni...

Food att.

(comes towards Syaukat and look into the food)

(takes the food)

takpe buat baru...


takde takde, saya tamau yang baru, saya mau duit saya balik, tak lalu da mau makan...

Food att.

(put the food down, at open the cash's safe)

(gives Syaukat RM3)



haih RM3 je!? saya baya RM3.50 tadi...

Food att.

you da makan da sikit...


(angry)haih...you kasi saya Nasi dengan screw you mahu charge saya, saya mahu duit saya balik...orang bole mati tau...

(Syaukat and the Food att. continues on arguing)

People around the area started to be aware of the scene, many were really curious. Scott who were chatting with Duwe stop and come towards the argument.



pehal ni...


ni ha, dia bagi aku RM3 je, aku bayar RM3.50, nak gak charge aku makan...


hey! (towards Food att.) dia order apa tadi? Nasi Goreng Paprik kan, bukan Nasi Goreng Screw...

(Scott argues with the Food att., while the Food att. was talking in a lower tone that we could hardly hear)

kalo saya repot macamana? you mau saya report tu food service?

Food att.

you report pun bukan ada apa-apa pun...


betol takde apa2? kami report betol-betol ni, you mau kedai you tutup? you mahu kene saman?

Food att.

(murmuring, then goes to the cash's safe and gives Syaukat his RM0.50)

Syaukat and Scott moves away angrily from the ala cart's counter. After sitting for a while the three guys moves away from the cafe angrily talking about the incident.

p/s: incident ni lama da, tahun lepas, sem lepas to be exact, time tu kawan aku Scott n Duwe(bdak Bilal) ade lg kat sni...segala dialogue yg aku tulis ialah remake, so maybe bkan exact words tp ape yg aku igt. aku xde niat lansung nk menokok tambah cerita ini. tq

Friday, March 13, 2009

3rd place, Futsal Inter-Department Tournament

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (2009)

Ash, Benny, Pejai, Fadli (JoE), Sokat

Aizad, Iskandar, Pejai, Charlie, Ash, Sokat

Oppenent celebrates scoring, Pejai moves away, lost 4-2

Fadli (JoE), Muhaimin, Sokat tackling into a foul

Muhaimin, Sokat, Ash (in the air, cool skill), Fadli (JoE)

Fadli (JoE) defending, Pejai, Shami attacking

Shami, Sokat (tackling-won), Muhaimin

Aizad (orange), Pejai, Iskandar (in the back), Sokat, Charlie (back), Ash
Well, the story is that we (Elits B) won 3rd place in the HS Inter-Department Futsal tournament, few weeks ago. It's something I'm very proud of because we were not the kind of guys who into sports that much yet we show a hell of a spirit. Like Chalie said, everyone played their role, respect each other and had fun. We weren't there in the hopes to win, we were there to play as happy as we can be (no stress, no pressure) - everyone understood.
The Team :
Aizad (Goalkeeper)
Sokat-me (Defender)
Fadli-JoE (Defensive Midfielder, Midfielder)
Wawan (Defensive Midfielder, Midfielder)
Iskandar (Defensive Midfielder, Midfielder)
Zul-Cina/Chelsea (Defensive Midfielder, Midfielder)
Chalie (Midfielder)
Ash/Asdil/Encik Sedil (Midfielder, Foward)
Din (Midfielder, Foward)
Pejai (Foward)
Benny (Foward)
All in all, we scored 11 goals and conceded 7 (great achievment!). 9 goals were scored by Pejai (damn he's great) and I seriously think that he's the top scorer of the tournament and the other 2 goals each by Din and Fadli (JoE). I won't forget to mention the whole team's contribution which if it ain't for them we won't have reach 3rd place. Aizad for his goalkeeping saves, Fadli (JoE) for supporting me at the back, n everyone else who'd make it possible. Every move is crucial and important.

p/s:I got the pics from facebook (Alifah Mohammad Pauzan and Fairuz Ikhwan Yussof's album), tq.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I don't like,.. but I like...

I don't like Lady Gaga because she's too obscene. Her songs, her outfit, damn... "sex on feet" - Alia Pattinson.

p/s: Love Game's music video is damn too obscene.

I like lady Gaga for her music (distinguish the differences between song and music). I like her lyric;

"Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun
And baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun, fun" Poker Face


p/s: Love when interpreted as the relationship love, not the making love thing.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Don't go here...

Back a few weeks (maybe a month) ago(ago ke a go?) , me and my friends had a trip to Melaka. It was fun, we were so happy together. Melaka was indeed a must-go-place in Malaysia. We got hungry while walking at Pahlawan sumtin...so we decided to have our lunch at the local Mamak restaurant (Subaidah with the theme pink)....

To start this, Melaka was indeed a good place. We had great dinner the night earlier at a place call Apple Burger? that serves great food; Apple Burger, Asam pedas!! yeah...

But the place where we had lunch (Subaidah) was terribly awful. No offence eyh Melaka people, especially my good friend Teyhah!. This restaurant is really bad for:
1. My friend Fit ordered Prawn masak pe ntah which was RM3!!! per piece. Not just that, the Prawn was expired (basi in English ape ek?) . Damn it he had to spit it out. Fuss happen when we wanted to refund our money for the meal.
2. The waiter weren't reliable; my friend Syapik Amri, ordered sumtin then the waiter gave somebody (someone who came on later on the next table) who ordered later than him. Leman and Syapik were really pissed with the waiter...they argued. Hey we weren't there to create chaos but when that happen we got really pissed.

3. This is what I experience; I went down to buy my pack. To be quick I went to the water counter to order sky water/drinking water/air masak/ais kosong;

Drink Attendent (DA)
Sokat (S)

Int. Restaurant Subaidah, Melaka. Lunch time.

(Went to the drink counter)
Abang nak ais kosong dua!
Okay. (Bengal Accent)
(Takes two cups, fill it with ice, open the sink's tap, and pour in the water into the cups)
(Slightly shocked)
Abang, air tu boleh minum ka?
Kenape? takmau ka? Selalunye memang letak air ni pun. Mau air panas?
(agrees with an angry face)
Ha, letak air panas la.

Hope you (readers) understands what I'm trying to say. When we went to places, there's places we wanted to recommend and there are those tha we want our friends to avoid. I'm recomend you not to go to this place. Hopefully if someone from Subaidah read this, proper action will take place. I'm sorry.