Friday, March 13, 2009

3rd place, Futsal Inter-Department Tournament

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (2009)

Ash, Benny, Pejai, Fadli (JoE), Sokat

Aizad, Iskandar, Pejai, Charlie, Ash, Sokat

Oppenent celebrates scoring, Pejai moves away, lost 4-2

Fadli (JoE), Muhaimin, Sokat tackling into a foul

Muhaimin, Sokat, Ash (in the air, cool skill), Fadli (JoE)

Fadli (JoE) defending, Pejai, Shami attacking

Shami, Sokat (tackling-won), Muhaimin

Aizad (orange), Pejai, Iskandar (in the back), Sokat, Charlie (back), Ash
Well, the story is that we (Elits B) won 3rd place in the HS Inter-Department Futsal tournament, few weeks ago. It's something I'm very proud of because we were not the kind of guys who into sports that much yet we show a hell of a spirit. Like Chalie said, everyone played their role, respect each other and had fun. We weren't there in the hopes to win, we were there to play as happy as we can be (no stress, no pressure) - everyone understood.
The Team :
Aizad (Goalkeeper)
Sokat-me (Defender)
Fadli-JoE (Defensive Midfielder, Midfielder)
Wawan (Defensive Midfielder, Midfielder)
Iskandar (Defensive Midfielder, Midfielder)
Zul-Cina/Chelsea (Defensive Midfielder, Midfielder)
Chalie (Midfielder)
Ash/Asdil/Encik Sedil (Midfielder, Foward)
Din (Midfielder, Foward)
Pejai (Foward)
Benny (Foward)
All in all, we scored 11 goals and conceded 7 (great achievment!). 9 goals were scored by Pejai (damn he's great) and I seriously think that he's the top scorer of the tournament and the other 2 goals each by Din and Fadli (JoE). I won't forget to mention the whole team's contribution which if it ain't for them we won't have reach 3rd place. Aizad for his goalkeeping saves, Fadli (JoE) for supporting me at the back, n everyone else who'd make it possible. Every move is crucial and important.

p/s:I got the pics from facebook (Alifah Mohammad Pauzan and Fairuz Ikhwan Yussof's album), tq.


PuakaDariPatpong said...

9 goals were scored by Pejai (damn he's great)


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Chazzie Minho said...

congrats! wahh..tak sangka BENL semakin hebat.. huhu~ still teringt mimpi ngeri ketika dibelasah teruk oleh ENGINEERING team masa kat matric dulu...

JoE Takahashi said...

jom la main Futsal kt luar, kitorang main tiap2 sabtu kt setapak 9pm.....jom laaa