Thursday, May 28, 2009

Angels & Demons (Book & Movie)

I read Angels & Demons and I've watch the movie. I just love both of it book because I would say that they are different. To those who just watch the movie version here's what I could find out what you miss :

This brand appears on the body of Vetra's father like the other killing.

This brand is what appears on the Camerlengo's chest. The Illuminati Diamond.

1. The first one to be killed was not Vetra's friend but her father Leonardo Vetra. Replaced by her friend Silvano.

2. Robert Langdon receives a phone call from his home and flew to CERN to look at the Leonardo Vetra's body and met with Vittoria Vetra there.

3. Langdon and Vetra flew to Vatican City by a shuttle-looking airplane that goes with the speed of Mach 11.

4. The director of CERN, Maximilian Kohler was removed. He was the one who got killed in the end accuse by the Camerlengo to brand him.

5. There are 2 reporters from BBC in the book that did not appear in the movie. We could see a lot of reporters from various TV stations around the glob but there is none from BBC which contrast with what is told on the book where it only focuses on BBC. These reporters communicated with the the so-called Illuminati leader.

6. The forth Preferiti is killed in the fountain but were saved and name Pope in the movie.

7. The Camerlengo and the previous Pope were actually blood related which what cause the Camerlengo to act immorally and commit suicide upon noticing it. This is the best part because a Pope is mistakenly seen as going against his celibacy but actually did a 'test-tube baby'. This is seriously challenging religion. Damn it.

8. Vetra was actually wearing shorts in Vatican which is actually prohibitted there for women there.

9. Langdon went together with Camerlengo in the last helicopter scene. Camerlengo survived with a parachute on a building and Langdon fall into water near an island.

10. In the movie when Langdon was asked by the Camerlengo about God, he answered that he was not ready about faith. In the novel Langdon answered that he ain't ready to believe in God because he cannot accept afford to accept that a God would punish those who did not follow His teaching.

There are lots of other thing which is different and removed and added in the movie. It won't be a waste if you read the book after you watch the movie.

Overall I sense that bot the movie and novel were really challenging religion as it plays with it a lot. Even though it does not involve Islam (there may be some things about Islam), the story challenges readers about the idea of "God" and divinity. Readers should take everything critically and be careful for anything that involves religion on philosophy.

Still the book is really good.

Looking forward for the next Robert Langdon adventure "The Lost Symbol" that will be released on September 15, 2009.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Football Freak Injuries

(since the football league season is almost over I will be mostly be posting about football stuff)

Please read the article below the pictures about the freak injuries. The pictures are just common broken foot injury in football

Football/Soccer is known to have caused gruesome injuries:

Eduardo Da Silva's
Djibril Cisse's (he had broken both of his leg)

Francesco Totti's

Despite the injuries obtained during their match and training grounds, freak injuries also happen:

  1. Kirk Bradfoot was cooking eggs in a microwave and as he open the microwave hot liquid squirted to his face causing serious burns.
  2. Goalkeeper Dave Beasant was carrying a hand full of salad ingredient when he accidentally dropped a bottle of sallad cream. He tried saving it with his leg but injured his leg instead leaving him on the sideline for two month.
  3. Norbert Nigbur was having a meal with his fiancee when he stood up to make a speech only to hur his knees suffering a torn meniscus which required surgery.
  4. Paolo Diogo lost his finger in his celebration attempt by jumping towards the crowd of fans.
  5. Thierry Henry (France striker) caught one of his eyes after scoring the winning goal against Chelsea when he hit the corner flag in a celebration attempt.
  6. Darrius Vassell (England striker) injured himself after attempting to perfrom a surgery on his own using a power tool causing his nail to be removed due to infection.
  7. Ramalho had to stay in a ward for three days after he chocked a medicine of what turns to be should be taken anally.
  8. Sascha Bender was hit by his team-mate Christian Okpala. He permanently provoked me by farting all the time," Okpala explained.
  9. Indonesian footballer Mistar wasn't so lucky. The 25-year-old was tragically killed by a stampede of pigs which overran his team's training pitch before a fixture in 1995.
  10. Rio Ferdinand (England defender) damage his knee after relaxing it for too long on a coffee table.
  11. Carlo Cudicini (Italian Goalkeeper) and Robbie Keane (Ireland striker) injured themselves after hunting for a remote TV controller.
  12. Santiago Canizares (Spanish international goalkeeper) injured himself after he dropped a bottle of cologne which breaks causing the glass to cus his tendon. He misses the World Cup event for that injury.

- a summary from

Football's Freak Injuries
by Dominic Raynor

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chelsea's new jersy

Chelsea's new home jersey

Chelsea's new away jersey

Chelsea's new 3rd jersey

This is probably the latest Chelsea F.C kit for next season EPL 09/10. I'll try my best to save money to at least own one of the kits. I need to also lose a bit of my weight to wear it because as you can see the kit is quite "body-fitting". I don't want any protruding belly haha.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Edward Cullen ; Conspiracy Theory

"Consipracy is a big word, if it's a conspiracy then I had to prove it..."
Guus Hiddink (Chelsea's Manager 2009)

After reading and watching the movie "Twilight", something goes through my mind about the main male character "Edward Cullen". I post this just for fun and meant no harm for every fan of Edward Cullen n maybe "himself" (hahahaha).

Edward as the picture tells can eventually be a drug addict in favor of Heroin. Conspiracy theory hmm... Why did I say so is because we all know that Ed is addicted to this girl Bella. So, why did he use "Heroin" as a a metaphor for his addiction towards Bella? Why didn't he use other things to use as a symbol to the addiction.

Ed (ske2 je panggil Ed, kne marah aku nnt ni) also describes Bella as some kind of alcohol brand (only appear in the book) as the addiction. This might also suggest that Ed is also an alcoholic.

In the book it was also mentioned that the "vamps" don't breathe and that they do it for a hobby as to smell. This might be a great reason why uses Heroin instead of Cocaine because "Coke" is best sniffed (ahahha) where he don't like to sniff.

If it was me (I don't want to be a vampire, I just want to be Clint Eastwood), I'd say you're my favorite movie suggesting my love for movies haha (a cineaste).

Again I want to stress out that this post is just for fun and no offense in any way were meant. Hehehe.

Oh, one more thing is that Bella (Isabella Swan acted by Kristen Stwart) is cuter in the movie than I imagine she'd be. She looks bad in the Twilight poster but she looks good in the movie. (tak photogenic kot).

p/s: indeed a rubbish post.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The 5 Senses...

Most of us are born with complete 5 senses (touch, sight, smell, hear, taste). In fact we love it very much and we would use it to the best. It is also true that some of us were not born with or may loses the 5 senses. Not having the complete "senses" does not mean that you cannot live your life the fullest. Many are successful despite the losses.

Here is the interesting part. In my opinion the great of things are(tq Alia) the ones that does not involve our human 5 senses.

A scene from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Take for example, LOVE. Being loved or giving love is one of the best thing life can offer. Love cannot be sense through our human 5 senses. In fact, whats the use of it (5 senses) if we cannot give nor receive love.

Despite love, HEAVEN is the best thing that human would want. An endless life after the Judgement Day that offers eternal bliss is what everyone who believe in it wants. Heaven is also something that cannot be sensed by our human senses.

DEATH on the other hand is considered to be both bad and good. Death can be a burden when someone we depends on leaves us, but can also be a salvation as the burden can make us stronger. Death is also something that cannot be sense by us (human).

"Do you know what she did? Your cunting daughter!" The Exorcist (1973)

We would find Linda Blair's make up from the movie The Exorcist (1973) as the most horrible and scariest looking thing in our life or maybe the Ju-On ghost as the same thing. But the fact is the most evil thing is the ONES that we cannot see. The most evil of THEM (Satan) is the one who seduce human to do bad and even evil things. The ones that persuades human to leave their prayers, steasl, gambles, etc.
-So not only the best thing, but the most horrible thing that could happen to us cannot be sense via the 5 senses.

So, by having the complete 5 senses, does it make us a better person? Losing one or even the whole 5 of it makes us a lower quality person? Does by having it too much makes us complacent?

p/s: comments are indeed welcomed as this post is merely a rough ideology of mine.

o0oh Coffee Prince~! (late watcher)

Manager Hong : "To be torn in love is the happiest time of one's life. "

Eun Chan crying. (isk3)

I love this part right here.(nyanyi plak)

Eun Chan : Hello

Han Kyul : I miss you.

Eun Chan : We've just seperated so why...
Eun Chan : Me too.

Now I feel like Alia writing about her favorite things. I know I watch this drama series kind of late. It does not matter because I felt happy finishing it . I'm looking foward to watch Princess Hour (lend it to me someone!).

I think it's a good idea to post a quote from a movie by posting the pics captured from the movie. It'll be much more clearer to my readers. I'll do this in the future.

I feel like a drama king now ahah. I'll post more thoughtful post in the future ya~!. Just for a while I'll post something different .

p/s: Manager Hong's quotation is thoughtful!