Friday, May 1, 2009

The 5 Senses...

Most of us are born with complete 5 senses (touch, sight, smell, hear, taste). In fact we love it very much and we would use it to the best. It is also true that some of us were not born with or may loses the 5 senses. Not having the complete "senses" does not mean that you cannot live your life the fullest. Many are successful despite the losses.

Here is the interesting part. In my opinion the great of things are(tq Alia) the ones that does not involve our human 5 senses.

A scene from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Take for example, LOVE. Being loved or giving love is one of the best thing life can offer. Love cannot be sense through our human 5 senses. In fact, whats the use of it (5 senses) if we cannot give nor receive love.

Despite love, HEAVEN is the best thing that human would want. An endless life after the Judgement Day that offers eternal bliss is what everyone who believe in it wants. Heaven is also something that cannot be sensed by our human senses.

DEATH on the other hand is considered to be both bad and good. Death can be a burden when someone we depends on leaves us, but can also be a salvation as the burden can make us stronger. Death is also something that cannot be sense by us (human).

"Do you know what she did? Your cunting daughter!" The Exorcist (1973)

We would find Linda Blair's make up from the movie The Exorcist (1973) as the most horrible and scariest looking thing in our life or maybe the Ju-On ghost as the same thing. But the fact is the most evil thing is the ONES that we cannot see. The most evil of THEM (Satan) is the one who seduce human to do bad and even evil things. The ones that persuades human to leave their prayers, steasl, gambles, etc.
-So not only the best thing, but the most horrible thing that could happen to us cannot be sense via the 5 senses.

So, by having the complete 5 senses, does it make us a better person? Losing one or even the whole 5 of it makes us a lower quality person? Does by having it too much makes us complacent?

p/s: comments are indeed welcomed as this post is merely a rough ideology of mine.


alia said...

5 senses. six if u r a lucky (wo)man. i think having 5 senses make us aware with our surrounding. but often ppl take things for granted with their surrounding. having 5 senses make us a normal person. and losing any of the senses doesn't mean that the next person is better than u. blind ppl use their sense of touch and hearing to help them make it thru the day. i don't see why ppl dubbed them as OKU. they r capable to and they actually prove it that they can take care of themselves.

and having too much senses (like wolverine. hehehe :D) is either a blessing or a curse. intuition is one of the six senses. u feel things. u see things beyond the normal eyes. u hear things. like i said it's either a blessing or a curse. depends on how that person perceive it and use it.

i don't think ppl with complete 5 senses should be vain about it. bcos it doesn't mean having complete 5 senses makes u a perfect person.

ira zaki said...

u r given 5 senses to enjoy the things that are given in life..
without them, u can't enjoy much can't u?
then u'll have to improvise..
pity for them though for missing a lot in life..
but it's not their fault..

these 5 senses are just a bonus to life..
everyone has a life and add these 5 things and poof! ur life will be a joy...

we cannot perceive all those satan and stuff from our senses because there's always a good reason..human just can't handle it..
only those who can handle it are given the extra senses..
for me, i absolutely cannot handle it.

i dunno lah..this ideology is too complicated for a jobless minded like mine..

Sokat said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~! aku da tles pnjang2 da .. pastu ilang ... tenet umah aku sgt bongok~!

Sokat said...

5 sense as a bonus aku kalo ilang satu yg 4 lg aku lbeyh effective ... (kalo buta pendengaran jd lbeyh kuat)

tp yg ade cukup 5 senses pun ramai yg ntah mende2 jd ... so pe gunanye sense tu?

does by having it all really make us normal? there's more bizzarre people with the 5 senses than those without it ... camane ...? hahaha

aku mmg serabut ... lama2 aku jd nyanyuk n gila~! hahha