Monday, May 25, 2009

Football Freak Injuries

(since the football league season is almost over I will be mostly be posting about football stuff)

Please read the article below the pictures about the freak injuries. The pictures are just common broken foot injury in football

Football/Soccer is known to have caused gruesome injuries:

Eduardo Da Silva's
Djibril Cisse's (he had broken both of his leg)

Francesco Totti's

Despite the injuries obtained during their match and training grounds, freak injuries also happen:

  1. Kirk Bradfoot was cooking eggs in a microwave and as he open the microwave hot liquid squirted to his face causing serious burns.
  2. Goalkeeper Dave Beasant was carrying a hand full of salad ingredient when he accidentally dropped a bottle of sallad cream. He tried saving it with his leg but injured his leg instead leaving him on the sideline for two month.
  3. Norbert Nigbur was having a meal with his fiancee when he stood up to make a speech only to hur his knees suffering a torn meniscus which required surgery.
  4. Paolo Diogo lost his finger in his celebration attempt by jumping towards the crowd of fans.
  5. Thierry Henry (France striker) caught one of his eyes after scoring the winning goal against Chelsea when he hit the corner flag in a celebration attempt.
  6. Darrius Vassell (England striker) injured himself after attempting to perfrom a surgery on his own using a power tool causing his nail to be removed due to infection.
  7. Ramalho had to stay in a ward for three days after he chocked a medicine of what turns to be should be taken anally.
  8. Sascha Bender was hit by his team-mate Christian Okpala. He permanently provoked me by farting all the time," Okpala explained.
  9. Indonesian footballer Mistar wasn't so lucky. The 25-year-old was tragically killed by a stampede of pigs which overran his team's training pitch before a fixture in 1995.
  10. Rio Ferdinand (England defender) damage his knee after relaxing it for too long on a coffee table.
  11. Carlo Cudicini (Italian Goalkeeper) and Robbie Keane (Ireland striker) injured themselves after hunting for a remote TV controller.
  12. Santiago Canizares (Spanish international goalkeeper) injured himself after he dropped a bottle of cologne which breaks causing the glass to cus his tendon. He misses the World Cup event for that injury.

- a summary from

Football's Freak Injuries
by Dominic Raynor


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