Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I lost my hand phone

The kind of phone that went missing this morning. (There's some Jali pics in the phone that I haven't uploaded to the PC yet)

Today, I just lost my Sony Ericsson (k810i) phone. It was there beside me at 6am (I read messages by Kak Lis & Bawang) then I went back to sleep. At 9am it's not there anymore.

Here's a story about my friend who lost her phone maybe two years ago.

The kind of phone that my friend lost.

(setting Mahallah/College Halimah in IIUM)
She went to the toilet for a while, she left her phone at her room and when she came back it was not there anymore. So she called me asking what to do... I told her to pray to Allah S.W.T and report it to the office.

So, she report her missing phone to the office. At that point of time I was on my way back from Kuantan to IIUM (UIA). I was on the bus. There's nothing that I can do to help her at that point of time, so I just pray to Allah S.W.T hoping that something good will happen and that she could find her phone.

After an hour or two after she called me telling about her missing phone she called back, but this time she managed to find her phone. The office conducted a spot-check to find the phone (I don't know covering what area) and eventually they found it in the toilet. Deep in my heart I feel that my prayers somehow did help her in a way.

The point that I want say is that if things like this happens to you, you should never stop hoping and never forget to ask help from Allah S.W.T.

I wish that I can have my phone back. I don't want to wish that those who took my phone would rot in hell because I think it's a bad thing to wish for. Maybe this is a punishment to me for things that I've done. Maybe it's a reminder for me to take care of my things better (lesson learned).

I feel indifferent.

I hope you guys can help me pray that things will get better. Amin. Just pray the best for me. Amin. The best for you too.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Exorcist (1973) Never Trust The Devil (part 1)

Here's some great quotes from the movie The Exorcist (1973). Indeed it's a very wonderful horror movie. To me it's the best horror film ever, not because of the scary images only but for the messages inside it and so is the cinematography.

Father Damien & Merrin getting ready for the exorcism.

Father Merrin : Especially important is the warning to avoid conversations with the demon.

Father Merrin : We may ask what is relevant, but anything beyond that is dangerous.

Father Merrin : He's a liar. The demon is a liar.

Father Merrin : He will lie to confuse us.

Father Merrin : But he will also mix lies with the truth...

Father Merrin : attack us.

Father Merrin : The attack is psychological, Damien.

Father Merrin : And powerful.

Father Merrin : So don't listen.

Father Merrin : Remember that. Do not listen!

Father Damien : It might be helpful if I gave you some background...

Father Damien : ...on the different personalities Regan has manifested.

Father Damien : So far, I'd say there seem to be three.

Father Damien : She's convinced that-
Father Merrin : (cuts) There is only one.

Even though the film bases on Christianity for it's still Islamic in a way. (I think) ...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Best Thing In Life IS ? (tq Teyhah)

The Best Thing In Life IS Free...(tq teyhah)

I disagree with the statement simply because you cannot enter Heaven for free...

To perform the Hajj you need money...

The Best Thing In Life is to live moderately...

There are things in life which is great and free but there are things which costs something but are still good...

Nothing In Life Is Free...

not true because oxygen is free...

Moderation is the best way...

p/s: I think I should write a book about living life moderately.

-so lazy to write a longer one.I'm going back to Kuantan tomorrow, so I'd like to leave a post.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jali, The ayam Epic (updated)

Meet Jali (a name given by my bro Syauqi)

As promised, here's the epic story of Jali the ayam.

Jali was a no-chicken when he was a small chick. He was abandoned by his family (the chicken pack). So as an exile from his pack(family) he went to our kitchen's doorstep for food. It was a pity seeing a little chick being all alone, so we took care of it by giving him bits of rice, etc for him.

Here's where Jali would crave for food when he was a chick.

As times goes on, Jali grew bigger and stronger. Whilst others (chicken) were being slaughtered on Aidilfitri, Aidiladha and other occasions, Jali were still being fed at our doorstep. Yet at that time he is still alone with us feeding bits. He also turn out to be so gentle with us, as you can lift him up and pat his head.

I cared less about Jali because ... who would care about a homeless chicken?.

The one eyed General. This is not Jali.

It's not until I returned home from UIA one day that I found out that he grew so large. In addition to that he is also now like the leader of the whole hens (the lady Chicken). It was common for a Cock/Rooster (adult male chicken ehem2) to lead a couple of the hens as their own, just like what the lion did to the lioness. At the time when Jali was small there would be a few roosters who'd lead their hens. Jali on the other hand is different...

The Supreme Ruler of our Hens, Jali the Great. Look at how big he is compared to the others.

Jali is now like a supreme ruler of the hens at our house. I think he controls almost all of the hens leaving the other roosters alone and lonely (haha). He is really amazing...

A lonely rooster staying away form Jali's territory.

Just look at the size of Jali's spur. No need to attach the steel ones.

What'cha you looking at? (Robert de Niro's style)

It's really amazing to think about how Jali had survive living a no-chicken life and ending up as he is now. Just think about it, how hard you live your life, how suffering it is, to Jali "what doesn't kills you only make you stronger". I know it's weird to think about a chicken's life but if a chicken can do it why can't human? This post also supports my earlier post about"Oppression is Salvation".

A crippled chick left out from it's family.

I hope that this chick (pic above) would take Jali's life as an inspiration and motivation to life it's life. I hope that you would too...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti (Chelsea's new manager)

Welcome to Chelsea F.C Carlo Ancelotti. Born in June the 10th 1959, a former player and manager. He has won the UEFA Champions League twice both as a player and manager. As a Chelsea supporter I hope he can win us the Champions League which we were craving on it so much (5 times being in the semis). Upon coming to Stamford Bridge (officially on the 1st of July 2009) who will he bring to strengthen the club ?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (unlikely to stay at Inter Milan for next season)

Stephane Sessegnon (PSG's ace)

Glen Johnson (the right fullback who once played for Chelsea)

Andrea Pirlo (Milan's midfielder, will he follow Ancelotti?)

Alexandre Pato (Milan's wonderkid)

Edin Dzeko (Bosnian target man who won the cup with Wolfsburg)

Yuri Zhirkov (the Russian who can play all the position on the left)

Kaka' (World's best player for a number of times)

Sergio "Kun" Aguero (Argentinian and Atletico Madrid's wonderkid)

p/s: ApE-aPe, Aizad and Ash, who would you guys like to be in Chelsea next season?