Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I lost my hand phone

The kind of phone that went missing this morning. (There's some Jali pics in the phone that I haven't uploaded to the PC yet)

Today, I just lost my Sony Ericsson (k810i) phone. It was there beside me at 6am (I read messages by Kak Lis & Bawang) then I went back to sleep. At 9am it's not there anymore.

Here's a story about my friend who lost her phone maybe two years ago.

The kind of phone that my friend lost.

(setting Mahallah/College Halimah in IIUM)
She went to the toilet for a while, she left her phone at her room and when she came back it was not there anymore. So she called me asking what to do... I told her to pray to Allah S.W.T and report it to the office.

So, she report her missing phone to the office. At that point of time I was on my way back from Kuantan to IIUM (UIA). I was on the bus. There's nothing that I can do to help her at that point of time, so I just pray to Allah S.W.T hoping that something good will happen and that she could find her phone.

After an hour or two after she called me telling about her missing phone she called back, but this time she managed to find her phone. The office conducted a spot-check to find the phone (I don't know covering what area) and eventually they found it in the toilet. Deep in my heart I feel that my prayers somehow did help her in a way.

The point that I want say is that if things like this happens to you, you should never stop hoping and never forget to ask help from Allah S.W.T.

I wish that I can have my phone back. I don't want to wish that those who took my phone would rot in hell because I think it's a bad thing to wish for. Maybe this is a punishment to me for things that I've done. Maybe it's a reminder for me to take care of my things better (lesson learned).

I feel indifferent.

I hope you guys can help me pray that things will get better. Amin. Just pray the best for me. Amin. The best for you too.


PuakaDariPatpong said...

so sorry.
but shit happens.
i lost a phone jugak dulu.

kat ali.

i went to watch movie kat bilik zahang, then balik jer, gulp. dah hilang.

sangat sayang fon itu. ade memory card.

*memory card yang kalau hilang, carilah aku kat gutteruncensored.

ape-ape pun.
so sorry.

*jangan nak indifferent sangat ya. perasaan itu penting.

**pgilah maxis. buat simkad lain.

Hairi Tahir said...

haku pun ilang gak, bawang.. kat ali gak.. baru beli dua minggu tuh..

takpe, sokat.. nko mintak bawang belikan yang baru..

al-Azhar Tengku al-Walid said...

You have my prayer sokat.

Ir A.Aziz said...

Wah, seorg yg sabar. Bagus2. InsyaAllah jumpa balik tuh. Ada org buta prank kot.

sang arjuna said...

dear god. please make sure sokat gets his phone back, cause saya tak puas hati tengok gambar2 jali lagi. dem dem.

amin. keep ur head up. be strong!

afiq jani said...

saba beb.aku doakan kau jumpe hp yg lagi bagus dr hp dulu (kalau tak jumpe blk lah huhu)

PuakaDariPatpong said...

takpe, sokat.. nko mintak bawang belikan yang baru..

e eh ehh.. kenapa aku yang kene belikan?
kalau ade rezeki lebih leh je aku belikan. n97 nak tak?
beli 2 n97 dapat murah sket kot.
1 aku nak. hehe

azie said...

aku hilang hp aku dh msk sebulan.

whenever hp yg aku gune skrg berdering, aku igt someone else's hp is ringing. bodo gle. i'm still not over d fact that hp aku dah hilang.

poin aku - u're not alone. things WILL get better.

Sokat said...

Terima Kasih rakan2 ...

Thanks for the support