Friday, June 5, 2009

Jali, The ayam Epic (updated)

Meet Jali (a name given by my bro Syauqi)

As promised, here's the epic story of Jali the ayam.

Jali was a no-chicken when he was a small chick. He was abandoned by his family (the chicken pack). So as an exile from his pack(family) he went to our kitchen's doorstep for food. It was a pity seeing a little chick being all alone, so we took care of it by giving him bits of rice, etc for him.

Here's where Jali would crave for food when he was a chick.

As times goes on, Jali grew bigger and stronger. Whilst others (chicken) were being slaughtered on Aidilfitri, Aidiladha and other occasions, Jali were still being fed at our doorstep. Yet at that time he is still alone with us feeding bits. He also turn out to be so gentle with us, as you can lift him up and pat his head.

I cared less about Jali because ... who would care about a homeless chicken?.

The one eyed General. This is not Jali.

It's not until I returned home from UIA one day that I found out that he grew so large. In addition to that he is also now like the leader of the whole hens (the lady Chicken). It was common for a Cock/Rooster (adult male chicken ehem2) to lead a couple of the hens as their own, just like what the lion did to the lioness. At the time when Jali was small there would be a few roosters who'd lead their hens. Jali on the other hand is different...

The Supreme Ruler of our Hens, Jali the Great. Look at how big he is compared to the others.

Jali is now like a supreme ruler of the hens at our house. I think he controls almost all of the hens leaving the other roosters alone and lonely (haha). He is really amazing...

A lonely rooster staying away form Jali's territory.

Just look at the size of Jali's spur. No need to attach the steel ones.

What'cha you looking at? (Robert de Niro's style)

It's really amazing to think about how Jali had survive living a no-chicken life and ending up as he is now. Just think about it, how hard you live your life, how suffering it is, to Jali "what doesn't kills you only make you stronger". I know it's weird to think about a chicken's life but if a chicken can do it why can't human? This post also supports my earlier post about"Oppression is Salvation".

A crippled chick left out from it's family.

I hope that this chick (pic above) would take Jali's life as an inspiration and motivation to life it's life. I hope that you would too...


sang arjuna said...

best gile entry ni. suke dowh!. besar btol cock tu skang. eh i mean jalil! hahaha ;p

weh luaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas gile area umah kau! leh bela banyak gile ayams! haha.

nnt kalau aku datang umah kao satu hari nnt, kao hidangkan aku jalil masak kicap ok?:)

alia said...

somehow i really feel that this entry hits home because of this line - 'how hard you live your life, how suffering it is, to Jali "what doesn't kills you only make you stronger".'

i guess i have to take Jali (somehow masa aku baca aku asyik sebut CHALI i don't know y) examples of living the life and learn to survive.

and chali mau makan jali (it's jali chali not jaliL masak kicap. sedih aku dgr. dah la jali handsome habis.

sang arjuna said...

ok dont sembelih me just yet. its JALI, not JALIL kan. i know. typo in the early hours. haha.

but still. i want JALI to be in kicap sos when i come. dont worry alia, the handsome jali will be in my perut making me handsome-r. haha

alia said...

home-chicken killer. alaa. lapaq plak ayam masak toyuu.

PuakaDariPatpong said...

sokat!! kfc. yang perasa baru. extra pedas....

neway, cool entri.
aku rase cock yang kau bela (ehemmmm2, si jali tuh memang gagah)

gambar yang muke die kerek tuh, yang What'cha you looking at? (Robert de Niro's style) tuh memang sial.

fierce habis kate tyra banks!!

Sokat said...

sang arjuna: da rumah kampung luas ah sket, rumah ayah aku, bkan rumah aku.

alia: haha cam one of those Disney movies plak kan...chicken's life..hhaha

puakadaripatpong: serious kewl, kat umah aku ko boleyh belai ayam cam ko bleyh belai kucing, tp ko xle belai kucing sbb perangai cam ayam hahah...

btw guys Jali is not to be eaten, sdeyh doh kalo nk sembelih, aritu cam nk bg org da, ayah aku pergi amik balik kat org tu n tuka yg len...hahha


PuakaDariPatpong said...

sokat. i hate cats. so leh tak jangan cakap leh belai kucing tuh. hahah.

i dun have anything against cats or cats-lovers ya.

cuma aku ade alergi.

Sokat said...

haa tp kalo ko dtg umah aku...ko bleyh belai ayam cam ko belai kucing.....yeah

kt jd chicken lovers yg x mkn chicken itu hahha

PuakaDariPatpong said...

nak gak gi umah kau. lame tak gi pantai timor. plan. plan.

ira zaki said...

post nie sgt inspiring..
Jali my inspiration..hehe..

tgk ayam2 lain pun putih gebu2..

NardArt said...

oh itulah ayam yg dsebot2 tu, yg dtinggal ibu bapa tu. ic2. nice one. aku suke. hehe

Sokat said...

yes nardart ni la ayam yg di sebut2 ... hehehe ...

thank you for liking this post guys~!

Ika said...

Hahaha... Suke gell entri nih.. pst larr entr2 baru.. I like the way u write ur story.. All the best... =)