Saturday, May 16, 2009

Edward Cullen ; Conspiracy Theory

"Consipracy is a big word, if it's a conspiracy then I had to prove it..."
Guus Hiddink (Chelsea's Manager 2009)

After reading and watching the movie "Twilight", something goes through my mind about the main male character "Edward Cullen". I post this just for fun and meant no harm for every fan of Edward Cullen n maybe "himself" (hahahaha).

Edward as the picture tells can eventually be a drug addict in favor of Heroin. Conspiracy theory hmm... Why did I say so is because we all know that Ed is addicted to this girl Bella. So, why did he use "Heroin" as a a metaphor for his addiction towards Bella? Why didn't he use other things to use as a symbol to the addiction.

Ed (ske2 je panggil Ed, kne marah aku nnt ni) also describes Bella as some kind of alcohol brand (only appear in the book) as the addiction. This might also suggest that Ed is also an alcoholic.

In the book it was also mentioned that the "vamps" don't breathe and that they do it for a hobby as to smell. This might be a great reason why uses Heroin instead of Cocaine because "Coke" is best sniffed (ahahha) where he don't like to sniff.

If it was me (I don't want to be a vampire, I just want to be Clint Eastwood), I'd say you're my favorite movie suggesting my love for movies haha (a cineaste).

Again I want to stress out that this post is just for fun and no offense in any way were meant. Hehehe.

Oh, one more thing is that Bella (Isabella Swan acted by Kristen Stwart) is cuter in the movie than I imagine she'd be. She looks bad in the Twilight poster but she looks good in the movie. (tak photogenic kot).

p/s: indeed a rubbish post.


alia said...

suke2 je panggey ed kan. hahah i personally like eddie.
anyway maybe la dia tu addicted to heroin and alcoholic drink. but he is a vampire yaw. he doesn't drink or eat. so the possibility for him to be an addict (except for bella yg aku personally rs mcm a waste of time) adalah tak munasabah. but dats my two cents.

and i really hate kristen stewart. and bella swan.


ira zaki said...

haha...gud one..
ko bole buat ur own pick up line..
"u'r like my own personal movie.. i can watch u all day"
hehe...try la sokat..

alia said...

omg ira dat is totally cool and cheesy at the same time. ladies will fall to your feet anytime soon sokat.

Sokat said...

how about "you're like better than Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ... I'd like to watch you even more!"

wah2~! ahahha ... mana la bakal bini aku skg ek?~ ahahaha

tp cam tiru tagline Ed ni ... (x authentic)

Aida Abd. Karim said...

I dont like you now :P

Sokat said...

since wen did u like me? hahah ...

we are so against each other!!