Monday, December 15, 2008

Cursed into a Sting Ray, old myth...busted

Not a long time ago, there's this fuss about a 3gp video clip showing of a human being cursed to be a sting ray. In addition to that, the clip also includes Islamic or Arabic recitation (wasn't sure bout dis, wether its quran or not) Urgh..!! Menyeramkan!!! (scary). It gets to everyone's sight and most of them believe it thus many version of story came out. The clip as shown from the pic above were said to be a man who'd been ungrateful to his mother, thus have been cursed by God and turned to an animal; a sting ray.......(this was the version I heard)

Well last afternoon, I was watching Animal Planet (556 Astro), there this prog with the late Steve Irwin catching an animal. Guess what he catched, A CURSED STING RAY MAN!!! ..It's not a sting ray, its a shark called Shovel Nose Shark which is exactly what the so called CURSED STING RAY MAN looked like.

So now I ask, who in the world created that story, that myth. What in the world are they thinking? was it to corrupt our Muslim society? or was it just any stupid myth/rumour maker? or maybe it's an unusual animal to be seen by them?

whatever it is, it's busted... who'd believe such a thing, I doubted it dlu..(btol tau, x caya suda)

p/s: lesson is dun believe sumtin until it's proven so....


donut said...

ppl will be anything unexplainable/out of this world.

it gives them the sense of there IS some great power out there.

and yeah, i do belive that they created the story utk insafkan org. just cara tu salah.

donut said...

actually its ppl will believe anything..

Sokat said...

yup, nk insapkan org cara camtu sala, we're not kids who'd believe in hantu tetek, u remember dat one kan!

donut said...

hantu tetek?
ak xpenah dgr.
elaborate pls. haha//

Sokat said...

hantu tetek will go out during senja, maghrib, tangkap bdak2 yg x balik rumah lg, sorok dlm tetek die...huwargh!!

ira zaki said...

eeiiiuuww..hantu tetek??
first time dgr..

lgpun, stingray tu nampak cam more to kacukan alien..
tak patut di associatekan dgn manusia..

donut said...

hahaha. i heard of the tale but it's not hantu tetek around here.
that just sound so vulgar.

PuakaDariPatpong said...

haha who say takde hantu tetek. believe me friends. they are still here and there!!.