Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beyonce - If I Were A Boy (my reflection)

(Correct me if I'm wrong)

dis song (Beyonce - If I Were A Boy), is about how a female wants her beloved male to understands her, and it maybe better if she'd understand him and have the chance to be in his shoes.

I do love this song cos it reminds me on how I wanted to be in a females shoes (which tells why I can be so feminine, ahha) . I really have tried to understand, like and do things that females would do so dat I'd be a better man for my beloved (whoever she is).

Unfortunately it doesn't work, no matter wat I tried, it'll turn out wrong. I will never understand them female. Eventhough I do n like wat female like, it won't be a use, because for certain reason it's just not right.

A man just have to be a man and vice versa. Eventhough us guys dun understand ur heart and feelings, hurt u n stuff, it's the best thing to be, because that's what we're created to be, to hurt the one we love the most (take this positively) ; male and female.

Don't worry, "Ai Araba It's Okay" - if there's love it's okay.

It'll end up okay, we'll accept it kan!

lgpun I believe Beyonce just wanted to express her feelings to make her feel better, rite gals?


donut said...

we female won't like it if u hurt us over and over again.

true, we always always hurt the one we love the most. but girl's feeling is very very fragile.

we try very hard to make u guys happy and u shud do the same actually. don't hurt us to much.

u won't believe it but we r capable to leave u if we thnk we can't take it anymore.

Sokat said...

I do believe it....

donut said...

cos u've experienced it. so some advice, dont do it again in the future.

ira zaki said...

i think what beyonce is trying to convey through her song is what would the guy feels if he's in the girl's shoe.
just through that, the guy would finally understand how a girl feels being treated such way all the time.
(mcm perbincangan ngan kak tj plak)

Dahlia J said...

i find this song is more to sarcasm ;) ouch boys! haha.

Sokat said...

I think ira get the best of the song here! well I'm just a guy, camane la nk tau kan ahaha

Sarcasm ke? u must deal wit ira la wit her world of sarcasm ahahahhaha

PuakaDariPatpong said...

true. true.. sangat sarcastic. puhlease. beyonce since destiny's pun the songs are like that. get to reality people. sarcastic is not the exact word anymore. it is the truth. ah~

her royal highness said...

a'a. saya setuju. its sarcastic. like, if i were a boy.. i wont do this. but oh well, im not, you are.. so.. keep on doing what you're doing. it hurts.

Sokat said...

erk.. deym terus I hate dis song!!!

ahaha.. see wat happens wen a guy wants to understand Beyonce ahahha

PuakaDariPatpong said...

ahaha.. see wat happens wen a guy wants to understand Beyonce ahahha ------ aku terinsult. haha.. tapi kate orang it takes two to tango. pempuan sakitkan hati laki. laki pun. pasal tuh kite laki dan pempuan dijadikan tuhan berpasangan. untuk saling compliment. wah~~