Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mackinac (MAK-in-aw) Island and horses is a better place.

Peace be upon awak~!

Mackinac Island

This is my ideal place to live. Mackinac (pronounced as Mackinaw) Island situated in the islands of Michigan U.S.A is a popular tourist attraction.

The best thing about this island is that it bans all kinds of motor vehicles except for the ones that are really needed (snowmobiles during winter, service vehicles and emergency vehicles). The island's occupants uses horses and bicycles as the main form of transportation.

I have discussed with my dad about making the world a better place by replacing cars and other motors vehicles with horses, but my dad said that it's not possible because the cost of having a horse is much more expensive than a car. Buying a horse is costly enough, maintaining, caring, etc bills is another thing.

I still believe that having horses are better than cars. Yes it is costly to have (buy) a horse nowadays. It's just because the production of horses are less than cars which makes horses more rare. When it's rare, the things to maintain it will also be rare, so does the production of it. When things are rare they'll become expensive, so does things like the spare-parts of a Ford car in Malaysia or the spare-parts of other mega expensive cars.

Somehow we just need to start to use horses again. We just have to start using it step by step. It will be very costly at the beginning, but when horses are produced in a large number (I'm not stating that horses are produce like machinery huhu) it will be affordable to us in the future.

I'm not against motor vehicles in all as some of it are really in need of use such as the ambulance, heavyweights lorries, etc. But having to cut most of the normal motor vehicles will indeed save the earth.

Go green.


Anonymous said...


If u wanna switch cars with horses for daily transportation, i believe the cost is lower or at least the same with maintaining a car.

But, thats not the question. If your concern is about the world being green, why shouldnt you consider electric cars?? Toyota is now popular with its hybrid - Prius. Nissan with its Leaf. Next year, GM will launch Volt. All those inventions of electric cars are because people (especially in the US) are concerned about the environment. And of course because they wanna reduce dependence on imported energy.

Volt costs USD40k (ok thats expensive), but Prius and Leaf cost less than USD30k. At certain point, the cost of having electric cars will be at par with the cost of owning a Civic, or an Altis, or an Optra.

Imagine - if your workplace is within 40 miles, u wont need a drop of gasoline at all. The cars are unbelievably quiet, smooth and easy to handle. On top of that, it is ZERO EMISSION (just to address your concern here). Ok maybe the only cons right now is the recharging time (u need 8 hours to recharge your battery) but still, if you wanna go green, electric cars are the THING at this moment.

We should move forward, shouldnt we?? Cant imagine your butt will get kematu to ride a horse back to Kuantan :)


Sokat said...

hoho tq komen ... tp still mau naek kuda ....

macam ni ... if you produce even electric cars it'll still not be green enough ... I like it when we go back to nature haha ...

producing electronics will involve machinery & dat won't be green ...

if we have more horses, definitely we hv to produce more green stuff to feed them hoho ...

if it's a long ride we'll have a carriage ... or just ride the train ... haha ...