Sunday, December 13, 2009

Muallaf (2008 or 2009?)

In the name of God, the most Gracious and most Merciful

Yasmin Ahmad's Muallaf premieres in Malaysian screen in 2009

After one year of waiting, after hearing stuff about the movie, finally Muallaf will be premiering in Malaysian screens on 24th December 2009. The movie had already premiered in Singapore more than a year ago (27th November 2008). I have doubt whether this is actually a Malaysian or Singaporean made movie (actually the movie involves both MHZ Film from M'sia & The Picturehouse from S'pore)

I don't know how the movie manage to be screening in Malaysia after failing to pass the Malaysian censorship authorities. I heard that there is a masturbating scene in the movie (maybe some sex education from our dear Yasmin Ahmad). I hope that Yasmin's fifth movie will be as great as the others. And Sharifah Amani, don't fail me... huhu ....

p/s: the next post will be the review of the movie.

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Anonymous said...

well,the movie sure does failed me. hoho...i'm just an anonymous. saje dtg nk menyibuk since i've read this post of yours about film mualaf, then i was like..apelah salah kalau menyibuk kan. huhu..anyway, i dunno if you've watch it or not yet but im waiting for your review. just wanna know how u think of this movie. as for me, the movie is too heavy to digest? kinda...and i dont really know what she's trying to prove or portray. the masturbating scene, alah..small matter. dunno why they banned it before. so, cepat2 lah update yorh! :P have a nice day. sorry if i spilled out a few things about the movie before u watch it. :P
and the movie was in 07/06. :D