Friday, October 9, 2009

Taxi-ani (two Taxis)

Here's a story about two different taxi drivers that I've encounter with. I'll try to write it as a play.


Boy, Man, Malay Taxi Driver (M.T.D), Chinese Taxi Driver (C.T.D)

A teenage boy, standing and waiting for a taxi to town. Came one; a Malay driver in his 30s. The boy enters.

Boy : Bandar ya

M.T.D : Okay.

The trip is not far. Silence accompanies them as they went on the road to reach the destination. The fee is RM1.

Boy: (opens up his wallet, hands the driver a RM5 note) Nah ...

M.T.D : (looks for change) Isshh ... takde duit pecah la (looks again)

Boy : (looks again in his wallet, trying to find coins as substitute) Takde gak ni ... camane ya?

M.T.D : (still looking for change while putting on a thinking face) Kire halal la ek? takde duit pecah ni (smiles)

Boy : (blurs) Ah ... Okay ... (exits the taxi)

M.T.D : (drives away)

(Time move slowly)

Boy (monologue) : Celaka betol ... kena rembat duit aku ... senang betul aku kne tipu ... baik sangat ke aku ni? macam sial rembat duit orang macam tu ... celaka.

Lights off
Lights on

A man walking towards a long queue of taxi. He stops at the one in front of a Chinese driver ones looking in his 50s. He opens the door passenger's seat door. It won't open.

C.T.D : (points towards the backseat)

Man : (opens up the backseat) Wangsa Walk?

C.T.D : Siffllas sd (slurs)
Man : (enters taxi) Mende tadi?

C.T.D : Sila masuk (pushes the meter button on)

Man : Wangsa Walk ya ... Brape ringgit ah?

C.T.D : Tak jauh pun ... lima ringgit pun tak makan.

Destination reached. The meter indicates that it's RM3.80. Two Malay boy is looking towards the taxi outside of it.

Man : (opens his wallet, he only have two RM1 notes and a RM50 note) Takde pecah la ... (hands the driver a Rm50 note)

C.TD : Aiyooh ... takde pecah la (check in his pocket and counts his money for change) tak cukup laa ... (checks again)

Man : (checks his wallet and bag for any possible changes that can be use) ... takde duit kecik la ... camane ya?

C.T.D : takpela (smiles) bagi je dua ringgit ...

Man : isshh ... mana boleh camtu (looks around if there's any shops for change, there ain't any)

C.T.D : takpe, takpe ... saya drive jauh boleh dapat passenger lagi ...

Man : Betol ke ni? Minta maaf sangat-sangat (shakes hands with the driver)
C.T.D : betol ... takpe-takpe ...

The two boys standing outside comes closer to the taxi and signalling the taxi driver for a ride.

C.T.D : haa tengok suda ade passenger ... tak rugi pun ... (smiles)

Man : Terima kasih banyak-banyak ya ... minta maaf skali lagi ... (exits the taxi smiling)

Lights off


That's the story of my experience taxi riding with two different kind of driver that I'd value the memories. To be honest, I'm quite ashame with the Malay driver as a Malay myself. I always thought that Chinese would be stingy on money (I know it's prejudice). because of this I will never again view people in stereotypes.

For the Chinese Taxi Driver, I really thank you for your hospitality and generosity. Even though it's just 10 minutes ride, I will remember it for the rest of my life.

As for the Malay Taxi Driver, I don't like the way you treat me, but I do thank you for the experience you gave me because it has made me a different person. Thank you.

May God bless you both.

p/s: I would love to take a ride in Robert de Niro's taxi. (Taxi Driver 1976)


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kire bleh wat muvi ala2 yasmin ahmad la ni? haha. melayu mmg stupid bitch. what do u xpect. slmt aku jawe. hahahaha.

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Owh yeah baby. Robert De Niro.

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Good stories