Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kampung Life Part 2 (raya + explicit)

Assalamualaikum ...

This Raya I want to show pictures of rendang making at my home in Kuantan (how to make rendang our style).

It starts with selecting the right knife (to slaughter the chickens of course). The knife must be extra sharp as to make the slaughtering process easier and less suffering for the chickens.

As we get our hands on the chickens (8 of them) we will start slaughtering them one by one.

Slaughtering a chicken is not an easy thing as we must grab/hold/pinch the right ... thing and slaughter/slice/potong the right part of the neck. The process must be done in haste as slowing it may cause more sufferings to the animal.

After doing that, we will let the animal to die at peace before we pick them to pluck the feathers.

The following image may be disturbing.

Note that we must ensure that it is really dead before we pick it up. Here's one which took so long to die. I had to chop of the head later because my father said that it'll only cause it more suffering if it remains alive like that.

When you are sure that it is really dead then you can dip/rendam in boiling hot water to pluck the feathers easier. This is the part that I hated the most in making rendang.

We have to ensure that all the feathers are plucked because ... how would you feel if there's still feathers on a KFC Dinner Plate?

After that we'll remove the intestines.

While removing the intestines we can find eggs which were not layed yet (the white one) and even eggs which are not yet to become eggs -erk?- (the orange ones) This one you cannot find it in stores/pasar malam.

The you'll cut it to pieces and wash it.

Next we have to get some coconut milk . This the tool used to rip open the cocunut.

Just poke the thing in and rip it open. After ripping off the outer layer, we'll smash/cut the cocunut into half and ... get it processed to get the coconut milk/santan.

After done cutting/slicing/blending the onions,spices, etc we'll set up the place to cook the rendang.

Here's the ingredient from afar . The coconut milk is poured in when the other ingredients are well mixed.

Half way there after pouring the santan/coconut milk. Sorry I forgot to capture the picture of the finished ones.

Here's a picture taken from the net of how the chicken rendang would look like.

Selamat Hari Raya ...

A unique ketupat brought by my aunt. A Ketupat made using (tq teyhah) Pitcher Plant/Periuk Kera.

My dad says that this banana is called Pisang Tanduk/Horn Banana. I never knew that it can get until this big.


PuakaDariPatpong said...


nice one. kau bikin aku craving rendang subuh2 ni sokat.

aku x sempat nak amek gambar2 proses pembuatan ketupat palas, pasal aku dok busy kutip serai lengkuas macam2. huhu..

bila nak mai tgk sawah padi aku?

alia said...

ketupat palas paling senang nak buat! and suka makan ketupat pulut itam!

woah! nak p bli la satgi.

anyway sokat
wahhh DYI habis rendang hang. kami bli daging (lembu) kat pasar besar ja cos kat kg tok aku rendang ayam tak popular sgt

nick adly said...

haha. omg. i never knew that there were unlayed eggs in the chickens. hahah. thanks for the info sokx!

oh oh. the most disturbing image is the pisang tanduk !!!! ahaha

PuakaDariPatpong said...

alia : kan kan? kita mana ada ayam sangat masa raya. rendang daging, gulai daging, sup tulang lembu jugek. yum yum perot rebus cicah air asam.

eh, tu da macam raya haji plak juadahnye.

nick adly : hahah. pisang panas~

alia said...

bawang: sedapnya perut rebus cicah ayaq asam *drool*

takpun kerabu tauge campuq perut and kerisik. haih. sedap.

yes it's true actually kita mmg suka makan daging. and yes the banana is giving me a bad vibe. haha.

ira zaki said...

waah..very gud la sokat..
very informative..
never knew that telur thingy too..
eh boleh mkn ke telur tu?

n that's my first time seeing ketupat in periuk kera..
bole mkn periuk kera tu ke??

teyha! said...

dude. i think it should be "a ketupat wrapped in the pitcher plant flower/fruit/etc". made out of pitcher plant means u actually cook the pitcher plant, substituting the nasi ketupat.

Sokat said...

bawang: uish ... time ghaya jerk dapat makan rendang weyh~! dgn ketupat~! ahaha aduhai ....~!~! open houses!!! aku nk gie ...

alia:FYI aku lg ske makan daging dari ayam ... tapi aku takde lembu nk sembelih ahahha ... ayam besepah ... aduhai rendang daging lagi la sedap~!~!~!

ira:telur yg tak oren tu leyh jerk makan ... cam telur ikan jerk ahaha ... perikuk kera tu gue tak makan , pulut die pun gue tak makan ahahah ...

nick adly:ur welcome~!~! besaq doh pisang tu ... tak sempat aku nk makn ... mak aku cakap tak masak lg time tu ahaha

Sokat said...

teyhah: ha'ah ... ye tak ye gak kan~! tq~~~!!!! hahaha