Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Satan in Chains (Ramadan)

We have been told that Satan are chained during the Ramadan month. So, there won't be any haunting ghost around and that we're safe from them.

Abu Hurairah, (may Allah be pleased with him) quoted the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) as saying: “When the month of Ramadan comes, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of the Hellfire are closed, and the devils are chained.” (Reported by al-Bukhari)

We (Muslim) know that Satan is the cause of all evil things. So why are there still sins committed if Satan is actually locked up or chained in the month of Ramadan.

I've asked this question in an IRK (Islamic Revealed Knowledge) class during my undergraduate studies. The lecturer said that we should not take the Hadith literally. By that she means that the Satans are not actually or literally chained but were chained due to our religious deeds (Amal) ; fasting, sunat terawikh ,etc.

I do 100% agree with her explanations. I agree with her that the Satans are not literally chained. Why do we still have sinners in the month of Ramadan if they are actually locked up.

It is our job to lock them up. I prefer to chain them because it sounds cooler (nonsense hehe).

p/s: when I refer to Satan it would include devils, ghosts, djinns, etc.

Selamat Berpuasa, Happy Fasting.

May Allah S.W.T be with you. Amin


ira zaki said...

sometimes u dun need satan to do bad deeds...
he has persuade u long enough throughout the years that he can leave and be chained on ramadhan and still the bad influence stuck with us..
die mcm peer pressure.. lama2 melekat je tabiat buruk tu kat kt..
dgn itu, terjadi la perkara2 buruk yg manusia sendiri dgn rela hati buat..

i still take it literally la yg chained satan tu..
sbb jarang dgr nampak antu time pose..hehehe...

Amrah said...

true but there's also another opinion why there are sinners even during Ramadhan is coz we still have nafs. some people let nafs control them, thus, they become the slaves to nafs. keje syaitan mudah jek, dia hasut. it is up to us to do it or not. if we succumb to his evil whispers, then we become his slave. lama2 dia tak payah hasut pun kita buat gak sbb dah biasa. sbb tu lah Rasulullah pesan kalau nk didik anak2, kena bermula dr kecik lg. kan kalau dah umur 7 thn tak solat Rasulullah suruh rotan. my mom used to say that kalau by umur 12 tahun solat tak cukup lg, mungkin smpai ke tua pun solat tak akan pernah cukup. i guess she was right, in one way or another, although hidayah Allah tu takde siapa yang tahu. kan?

well, just my opinion. hehe.

xlanxdiablox said...

cmtu jom ar pg bln pose ni je ke tugu negare. lg brhantu beb. sbb org sume pg terawih, kt pegi cari hantu kn. elok la tu. haha.

Sokat said...

ira: betol gak ... tapi ntah ah, kalo bad things I will associate it with Satan hehehe ... xdgr plak org hysteria time bulan pose...maybe sbb sme pose n beramal kot ... cube try buat satanic rituals time ramadan tgk ape jadik haha ... NOT!!!

Amrah: again Satan still involves ... can I consider those who can't control their nafs as those who are already under the control of the Satan?

lan: ko ajak2 last2 aku gak yg drive , aku da la BERANI ahaha ....

PuakaDariPatpong said...

jom tgk hantu. jom. jom. jom. aku main spirit kat bilik kau malam ni. bunuh kucing sekor. seru.

alia said...

sentuh bab hantu hahaha (aku rs creepy psl tu aku gelak) i think we r accustomed with the fact that Ramadhan is the month where satan is chained. ergo, we don't think that the evil spirit is lurking around us with all the amal ibadat going on around.

plus, like ira said la u don't need satan to do bad deeds. sometimes the deeds have become a habit.

and i personally think that there's something cleansing in the air in the Holy Month.

Hairi Tahir said...

but ur irk lecturer tu pun bukak new perspective.. maybe true..

Bruno said...

The symbolism in the hadith is obvious. Of course satan is still inspiring evil deeds during Ramadan and even muslims do sins during that blessed montn (i suggest satan with a lowercase not a capital 's'.This makes him too boastful and happy).

But something tells me that there is more to the symbolism and the answer given by your professor!? Who is she by the way? what is her theological and Islamic Sciences background?

Because with all due respect to you and your readership, there seems to be a lot of conjecturing and "my opinion is", "i think" rather than professional learned scholarly opinions.
If i have questions about the law derived from the constitution, i ask a constitutional lawyer. I don't go seek the opinion of a historian as much insight as he might have on the topic. Historian do have an above average knowledge of constitutional law. But it will never reach the authority of a professional constitutional lawyer.
Your teacher might have a great deal of knowledge of Islam, Islamic Law, Jurisprudence and exegesis but i doubt it is the one reached by Scholars the like of Bin Baz (may Allah (swt) be satisfied with them) , is it?


Bruno said...

I found this interesting piece from the site: Islam QA managed by Shakh Muhammad S. Al-Munajid

How can sins happen in Ramadaan when the devils are chained up?

As previously suspected there is more to what your teacher said! Hence the critical importance of evaluation properly the source of knowledge/info.

Anonymous said...

hahahahha...up to anyone's interpretation..but try to elaborate more on the hadith,it may lead u to another options, points to wonder...nah, i'm just babbling,hahahah


HipHopLess said...

What the hell is that thing??!!

Good entry Sokat!

Bruno said...


What thing? it's hard to follow you...

ira zaki said...

i think he meant the thing in the picture.

Sokat said...

sorry lambat reply...

Bruno: well I guess she's qualified enough to answer the question, it's an Islamic class (I forgot which class, but it's not Fiqh, and I know if it's a Fiqh class it'll more reliable) ... but the person that I ask is a guest lecturer ... and I believe that the answer she gave is true ... n I do agree apart from her answer there other explanations as well. tq


alia:jumpe antu shw ur middle finger ... ko ske bitter dgn human being ... cube ko bitter dengan hantu pasti lagi kewl...!~

Sokat said...

hiphopless: dat thing was suppose to be Lucifer in chains ... aaha ... tak jmpe setan kne rantai ...

Bruno: about "Satan" being capitalized ... I'm referring to "Satan" because there is no Satans ... grammatically we have to write "Satan" capitalized ... (kata nama khas - wat do we call this in English?)

PuakaDariPatpong said...

Hei si hantu raya
Jembalang angin
Aku tahu asalmu
Engkau dari bulu hidung Nabi Adam
Makanan engkau telur ayam
Mari engkau
Mari makan benda-benda ini.
Hei si hantu raya
Mari kau bersahabat
Mari menjaga diriku
Engkau taat perintahku
Ikut segala perintahku.
Hei si hantu raya
Menyerupa engkau serupa aku
Menyerupa engkau dalam diriku
Jangan engkau langgar perintahku
Jikalau engkau engkar
Aku panah engkau
Dengan panah berpanah
Panah sakti
Panah rajuma

Sokat said...

erk saitan~!!~~

alia said...

ko ske bitter dgn human being ... cube ko bitter dengan hantu..


so much for subtlety.

xlanxdiablox said...

bruno. i'm confused. i read from d link dat u provided. n from what i cn undrstand, d xplanation given by sokat's lecturer n d xplanation provided in d page, r in line with each other. so, do u mind telling me what's ur argument again? hehe. i'm a bit lost here. saje nk memanjang kn cite yg dh abes ni. hehehe.

PuakaDariPatpong said...

spirit spirit of the coin.


come on tugu negara.

ps - hiphopless is a she.

HipHopLess said...

Thank you very much.