Saturday, September 12, 2009

Danger of Lying

I fell off(tq xLANx) a motorcycle at Greenwood once, riding with my friend. Me and my friend have some minor injuries and were treated at the IIUM clinic. I didn't tell my parents about this because they have warned(tq xLANx) me not to ride on a motorcycle whatever the case is (they're motorcycle-phobic).

Somehow the news got to my parents, but in a different version. I don't know how the news spread but what reached my parents is that I've been in an accident and I'm in the hospital with my arm broken.

See how things turn out when someone lied.

This might sound totally absurd but think about it : You know that Charles Darwin told us that humans are the descendants of apes. One day if someone tells(tq xLANx) (lying as a joke) that we actually evolve from frogs, as the frog prince fairy tale were not just created without a cause, people might just believe it and discuss about it (we have the whole theorist and philosopher convention on this), thus create another theory of evolution concerning frogs.

I know the example given sounds silly but look wider on how a simple lie can change the whole story ad how a lie that is intended as a joke can change the world.

The Butterfly Effect.

The Prophet (PBUH) "forbade Muslims from lying even if they do so only as a joke, in order to make others laugh."


PuakaDariPatpong said...

btol btol.
mase sek rendah dulu, ingat lagi ade ustzah ajar. jngan lah menipu walopun skadar bgurau. die bg cntoh, kite sorok karipap kawan kite, pastu kawan kite tanye, kite jawab : ntah tak tau.

tu pun menipu. walopun bgurau. psal it will lead to bigger ones.

*rindu plak srakkb. hehe. rindu pakai baju melayu putih sampin merah.

ira zaki said...

uwaa..i just lied to my boss that i'm sick so i dun hv to go to work..
tp it's for good intention..
now i felt really bad...

(thinking to myself:is this post for me or is it a sign?)

xlanxdiablox said...

kalo rjn, buang le name aku tu. hehe.

Sokat said...

haha ... lek ah ... nak lari dari tipu susah beb~! cam lumrah (akula) sebagai manusia hahah

cume sebagai ingatan jerk ...

xle lan ... credit~! huehue mane tau leyh jadi editor~! heuheu