Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Idea of Maturity

Once my cousin came to my place and ask my dad about marriage. They were young and they asked about whether they are old enough to marry.

My dad's response is "if you find classic musics as to be good to your ears, that means that you're matured enough".

I do agree with my dad's statement and even though it might not be 100% true, it does reflect your maturity in a way.

As for the music, those singers and musicians would tend to produce music that reflect their age and maturity. Look at Lady Gaga and Dave Matthews Band.

I would say that I'm not that matured as I do love 3OH!3 but I also love Elvis Presley (Suspicious Mind).

p/s: I'm envious of my friends who are getting married.


ira zaki said...

nie menunjukkan yg ko masih dlm keremajaan walaupun ade sedikit matang...

alia said...

finally an update!

age doesn't define maturity. it all up to the matter on how one carries him/herself when facing a shitty situation.

that's my take on maturity.

Sokat said...

ira: mmg aku masih remaje doh~! ahaha
sedikit matang ah ... sbb tu byk jerawat skg ahaha

alia: btol gak, sum of Taylor Swift's musics are matured huhuh (bias sgt) hhaha, tp aku cume nk cakap how the music that you listen can reflect ur maturity in a way. aku agree dgn statement ayah aku sket2 ehehe

ira zaki said...

lagu taylor swift matang ke? die nyanyi pasal crush kat skolah laa...

tp ko suke ABBA kire matang la tu..

alia said...

suke abba tak semestinya matang. johnny cash baby. that's maturity. kalo hang bleh dgq country music selain dr swift w/o wanting to die then hang matang.


nick adly said...

suke lagu2 siti nurhaliza maknenya kita matang tak? hmmmmm... :P

kalau ye, maknenya aku tersangatlah matang sbb dari dulu dengar lagu dia. eversince 95 matang! hoh.

PuakaDariPatpong said...

aku layan rock kapak. lagu2 lestari ekamatra etc. aku nak kawin!

Sokat said...

alaa ... statement tu tak 100% btol seperti aku cakap ...

tp reflects a bit or who you are cam org Psychology apply kat dlm soklan depa

Taylor Swift critic cakap sum of the songs she wrote is more matured than her age ... tu yg aku cakap

ABBA of cos~! ahhaa

Siti hurmm...kalo ko apply Siti kat Tahun 1995 tu bukan kire classics lagi cali haha tu music baru ... tp kalo skg da kire classic

aku cakap mengenai classics~!

double s said...

im 17 and i listened to ramli sarip. dah bleh kawin ah eh? aahah ;p

nice entri btw :)

Aida Abd. Karim said...

envious ke??

i think ur listening too much of our after class "discussion"