Thursday, January 1, 2009

The "duhh" attitude (my reflection)

"duhh" is a word that people use to say (maybe out loud) when they listen to a person asking questions that the answer is clear or already known. So the "duhh" attitude, is the action or the behavior of a person reacting to the "duhh" word.
The person with the attitude doesn't have to say the word "duhh", as the majority of Malaysian don't even understand the meaning of it. The behavior can come for an example in class when someone asks the question , then they'll be those who'd talk about the question (most probably among the gang) as it's "duhh" [ek elee..tu pun nk tanye bengap ape..]

This kind of attitude is unacceptable (to me) because:
1. Demotivate people to be participative in class, conference, etc. (serious cause)
2.It tells the one with the attitude to be bodoh sombong (stupid + cocky?)
3.There's no wrong in asking eventhough it's a stupid question

If I were in the position being "duhh" upon, I'd put ut my middle finger (in my heart) towards them (huehue), seing them as the loser and not me. "Malu bertanya kawan, sesat cari jalan pulang".

p/s: serious rase cam byk lg nk tulis tp terbantut n kne smbung tules lpas solat jumaat sbb abang lab nk tutup utk friday prayers. ahha


PuakaDariPatpong said...

like whatever kan? i ask question kinda a lot. i do. ask teha. i did ask her really a lot time die tusyenkan elit3 dulu. kan teha kan?

donut said...

ira ask a lot of duh questions. and the duh always come from me. i think its acceptable if its among close friends.

but, to amalkan the duh attitude dlm clas mmg tak baik la.

ira zaki said...

i don't mind being "duhh" at when i'm asking stupid question coz i know that "duhh" doesn't help me in any other way. Just ignore it aite?

as long as the stupid question is answered and the lecturer acknowledged me as a participative student, the "duhh" goes back to them. there.

sokat, keep on asking questions in class k..
it helps other students too. even though they keep making that "duhh" sound.. mcam kenyang+belahak.. hehe..

Sokat said...

I don't care if it happens to me..

I'm indeed mad when it happens to my other frens...

fuck'em then ahaha

p/s:it happen to my fren the other day.