Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Khusyu' in solat..(EDITED)

Assalamualaikum..(wanna make it a habit ah to give salam, it's the same thing as saying "yo!, wattup?" just nicer . Peace Be Upon You)

I have this problem of not being khushu' in solat (I believe we all have), that come to the extend of forgetting which raka'at of the prayer I'm in, which happens almost everytime (except for Subuh prayer n congregational prayer). I do believe that the reason why I have problems in focussing on stuff (reading, lectures, etc) is because that I'm not khushu' in my solat which is important as it is a way to discipline yourself.

So in order to deal with me forgetting my raka'at, I've created a method to keep track on my raka'at :

The method is as shown by the pictures above is by pointing out your finger (to signify what raka'at u're on, 1 finger for 1st raka'at and so on) during the time when your in the standing state of your solat (I don't know what it's called, but it's the state where you recite the Al-Fatihah and other surah). The method kinda help me in reminding me on which raka'at I'm in. But I do still have doubt in this method (wether is it the right thing to do) so I went to the Department of Fiqh (IIUM) and find someone who'd help me with this.

The result is that after consulting with Lukman (a Post-Graduate student in Fiqh department) I found myself in the state of wrongness. What I really mean is that I came to the state where I believe too much in myself that I could achieve anything or everything if I try my damn best on my own. The method that I created (above) is the result my way of thinking, my ideology or my philosophy.

We (Muslims) must believe that everything in this world belongs to Allah S.W.T and that Allah S.W.T has the power to give and take eveything that he owns anytime and anywhere. It is my mistake that I believe too much on myself that I'd achieve anything if I try my best. As a Muslim I need to believe that I have a God to submit to, and that without his permission I won't achieve anything. So by using this method I'd able to be khushu' in solat on my own ( I would maybe come to think that I don't need Allah's S.W.T help)

So to conclude, my method of indentifying the number of raka'at is in a way a wrong thing to be practiced. Eventhough it kinda helps, but psychologically it tells me that I'm capable of myself to be khushu' in my solat without the help of Allah S.W.T. I won't say this is a wrong method but try to think about it and I do need feedback on this.

People can focus when they march as soldiers but can they be khushu' in solat?

Thanks to brother Lukman from the Department of Fiqh.


for more info on Khushu' in solat :

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donut said...

bukan kalau nak khusyuk solat mmg kena believe in ourself ke? i mean, we don't hesitate in what we are doing kan. nak-nak dlm bab solat.

and to be khusyuk in solat u have to remember that this is the time that you can communicate directly to Allah. so come what may, you have to think about Him sj bcos time luar solat aku rs masa nak ingat dia mcm agak limited. kan?

that's my two cents tho.

p/s: i dont mean to sound like a pervert bcos dah la ckp psl solat kan but lady gaga is sex on legs. sexy.

jelly said...

solat tiang agamee..

poker face sokat..

Sokat said...

bkan camtu maksud aku bwg!

I believe too much on myself..that I can achieve it, I will achieve it in any way..but I've forgot to ask from Him. u kno wat I mean?

it is he who's giving and it's he also who' taking ...

I'm still confuse tho, well that's wat blogs r for ek? ahah aku luahkan ajerk

Sokat said...

oh btw, aku saje cakap pasal lady gaga, just to take things of a bit jerk.

too much of academic can be boring sumtimes kan..

donut said...

hang ni refer aku sbg bawang ka? dude. i'm donut.

ira zaki said...

bwg dan donut sgt lain rasanya..

it's gud to refer to those who knows better in the field we're not so sure with..

sometimes reasoning and rational thinking alone could not help u in solving problems especially when it comes to religion..

Sokat said...

tu aku buat blog! ahaha nk opinion n feedback..nk korang sedar juga! yeah!

aku mmg ade refer kat org n tu la feedbacknye, drp bro Lukman, nnt aku refer kat org laen plak tgk camane..

oo0h..aku silap ah alia sorry! ahah

tu la sape suh gne pseudonym donut! ahaha

donut said...
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teyha! said...

i like lady gaga. hihi.

sokat. mari sama2 solat dgn jujur :D

PuakaDariPatpong said...

err.. aku rase terinsult.

so whatever.


*lady gaga? oh lagu yang tibe-tibe ade dalm fon aku? aku prefer Pink Lady. lebih olskool.

PuakaDariPatpong said...

aku dah tak rase insulted dah.


Azreen Zzz said...

What I do to make sure I focus dan tak ingat TV ada cerita apa tengah main sekarang or sapa punya blog dah update, I always concentrate on the sejadah. Kan sejadah ada banyak-banyak design kan, so cari lah yang paling straight dengan mata dan tengok benda tu je dan concentrate bacaan.

Sokat gi tanya kat brother diterima ke tu?

Sokat said...

cam okay long as u concentrate on the solat itself..

to me the design on the sejadah can also be a distraction, to many designs make my mind go wine ahahh

its like a discipline practice utk buat diri jadi focus ,etc....