Friday, March 26, 2010

Brothers (2009) -may contain spoilers-

IMDB rating : 7.4/10

A great movie about brotherhood, family and war. I think these kinds of quality movies about war just show how Americans hate war. Even though there are scenes that make people from Afghanistan look bad, but that's how it is; how American see them, how children are taught. The part in Afghanistan may seem ... bad; I think the intention is to show how cruel war can be. Tobey Macguire & Jake Gyllenhaal are great, and not to forget Natalie Portman who is more matured now having to act as a mother.

"You're my brother. You're my family"
"What's going on Sam?"

"I'm drowning Tommy."
"You're a war hero sir"

"I'm no fucking hero"
Sam's letter;
"My Darling Grace,
If you're reading this, it means I didn't make it back.
Nothing is certain in this life.
The only thing I know for sure is that I love you and our girls.
That is the only thing I know."
"I don't know who said 'only the dead have seen the end of war'
I have seen the end of war
The question is can I live again?"

p/s: This is a remake of the movie Brødre (2004).


Hairi Tahir said...

i've watched it. great casts. tapi ending dia aku down... cenggituh je?

Sokat said...

apsal ko down? ko fan Tragedy ke?

ending aku ske jerk ...

adik die selamatkan abang die from drowning plak ...

Encik Puaka said...

uiks sokat kau ade fan mane ni?

Sokat said...

ni bukan fan ... ni spam~! cebai ...