Thursday, February 26, 2009

Right & Wrong (opinion)

As a child we have been told by our parents about what is right and what is not. Some people use the harsh way and some would prefer the Gandhi (no violence) way to educate their children for the better of them. So which is the best way?

As a teenager we've seen, experience and feel the world more than we used to. We were told that we are now responsible for our act. We see people and wanting to follow their footsteps, but which step is the right step?

As we grow older, we now know the fact that we are responsible for everything. We make decisions, we take opinions, but which is heaven and which is hell? we don't know.

(my opinion)
We are here to try our best in doing what we think is right. Kurt Westergaard (Danish cartoonist who drew bloody Islamic cartoon) is drawing what he think is democracy. The Americans and Zionists were attacking what they think is righteous to kill. Our friends is telling us what to do for what they think is helpful, so does our teachers and parents.

The facts were these (Pushing Daisies' tag line), even though we are blessed with logic and reasons, sometimes(tq alia) we are still unable to determine what is truly right and what is truly wrong. What we consider heaven now may not be paradise tomorrow and what we think is hell today may not be punishment the day after.

Only God (in our case, Muslims: Allah S.W.T) knows what is truly right for us. Many or maybe all of the things that were mentioned to us by other humans (parents, teachers, friends, etc) that seemed to be truthfully right may came from Allah S.W.T from his Holy Book (Al-Quran). For an example, our parents remind us not to pick on flowers and destroy trees; this is also what Allah S.W.T has told us to do, so it is truly right. So, to conclude it is best for us to return to our creator, Allah S.W.T when we seem to lost our path because I believe that He will help and show us the right way if we want to.

p/s: this entry is mostly my opinion. Any wrong information, discussion, correction are welcomed in a nice way ya! peace.

-I make sin, I am human, I am learning. --> just saved this link cos it's sumtin I want to read later.


alia said...

What you consider right; others will consider it wrong. What they consider wrong; you will consider it as normalcy.
It's the fact of life. People has their own rules to follow. It's the question whether they follow the rules that have been established for them or they just make new set of it.

"even though we are blessed with logic and reasons, we are still unable to determine what is truly right and what is truly wrong."

I don't agree with you regarding this statement. When you said "what is truly", you were referring to a set of rules that had been established years ago. Hey, people (not just Muslims but other religion believers also and some atheist with moral) know that homosexual is very bad. Bad for oneself and bad for the society. But they still did it even though they KNEW that it was a WRONG thing to do.

matter like this, matter like don't steal, matter like don't indulge in alcoholic drinks; all of these are CLEARLY stated in the Holy Book. The preacher talks about it every single day. but then, it still happen. why?

But then I agree that sometimes human being come to a junction of their life and repeating-ly ask him/her-self "now what?"

vague matters. matters that are not talk about in scriptures/the Holy book. matters that need us to go back to whatever we believe in and ask for His guidance.

(i hope u understand what i'm trying to say. but this is a good entry syaukat. chali is right, i did learn new thing from you)

ira zaki said...

sometimes what u might think it is right, it might be wrong to others. and vice versa.
i always have this rule in my head whenever i start to think;

"every individual is different, they have their own way of thinking, respect their opinion, and they might give u something to learn about. no one is absolutely right and no one is absolutely wrong. there's always 2 sides of a coin. I always consider that. As long as they don't contradict with the fact la"

Sokat said...

O my God Alia! pnjangnye, sape yg post ni! ahah

hurmm...when I said "what is truly right" I'm referring to the set of rules Allah S.W.T set on us..

maybe if I rephrase my statement :

'even though we are blessed with logic and reasons, "SOMETIMES" we are still unable to determine what is truly right and what is
truly wrong.'

camane alia, okay?

alia said...

okeh aku setuju dgn word sometimes tu bcos human being r not perfect. sometimes they make mistakes.


post ko buat aku berpikir. dat's y smua reply kat ko panjang (unless bila ko cite psl mancrushhhhh ko la. hahaha). it's gud la panjang. nnt kang pendek sgt tak byk point. hee. :)