Monday, January 19, 2015

PK (probably the best movie I've watched so far)


Let me begin by thanking Fad Bin Zack and Aishah Ahmad for recommending this movie. Thank you so much.

I was always skeptical on Bollywood movies, especially the ones with a title like "PK". They'll be nothing but kitsch songs and emotion fest. PK didn't prove me wrong. However, the film dares to discuss the highest level of philosophy  as Dr. Normala Othman once said: religion.

What's so great about the movie you may ask. Well, I believe that film is a powerful medium that can be used to reach out to people. Discussing religion openly is often seen as tedious and might even be a taboo. The movie has successfully raise awareness on the concept of divinity i.e God and social issues in a necessary melodramatic way. All the tawdry stereotypical elements in Bollywood movies are needed so that the public are able to think about the matter in a laid-back way.

I have always wanting to spread dakwah in films but I fear that I will write something which is too heavy and too scholarly for a person to watch in pleasure. Whoever came out with the idea for this movie is a genius as the amount of issues discussed is huge and that is not even an exaggeration. Every single scene is important and needed to get through to the people. Regardless of the cinematography, acting and original score, the content of the movie is amazing and I am not ashamed to say that this would be the best film I've watched my entire life. Congratulations and thank you.