Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How much is Panipuri at Dharisha store on Chowpatty? Who stole constable Varmy's bicycle?


Jamal couldn't answer a simple question of "what is written underneath the national emblem of India?" where it is thought that every Indian should know.

Police Inspector 1 : My five-year old daughter can answer that question, but you couldn't.

Jamal: How much is Panipuri at Dharisha store on Chowpatty?

Police Inspector 1: What?

Jamal : Panipuri. One plate. How much?

Police Inspector 2: -10 Rupees.
Jamal: -Wrong

Jamal : 15 since Diwali

Jamal: Who stole Constable Varmy's bicycle?

Police Inspector 1: You know who that was?

Jamal: Everyone in Juhu knows that.

Jamal: Even five year olds

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

When we don't know, we ask. Sometime when we ask a simple question, that from the perspective of the listener(s) is something that everyone should know, they would look down on us, feel annoyed and would probably make fun of us.

Well, do you know "how much is Panipuri at Dharisha store on Chowpatty?" "Do you know who stole constable Varmy's bicycle?"

I'm sorry if I don't know the answer to that simple question. At least I have the courage to ask and have the need to know.


xlanxdiablox said...

amende ade publish post tu? utk ape?

Sokat said...

aku tercopy skali hahah ... aku pun tak perasan

.alminaismail said...

Hey, hi!

okay, I know this might be totally out-of-topic but do you have a gf? Haha I might be quite kepo but can't help myself from asking you this. And I hope you will reply okay, pleaseee.

Ouh and if you happen to not have a gf (which I doubt la kan), why is that so and what are the qualities of that 'gf' you are looking for. Since your last post was like more than a month ago, you might want to answer this questions of mine for your next entry!

haha sorry, but am looking forward for your answer yeah!

.alminaismail said...

Sory, you don't have to answer that question if you don't want to coz yeah, ianya agak personal kot. If u don't mind sharing bagus lah, tapi kalau xmau, takpe je.

Sokat said...

.alminaismail : can I like answer it to you personally. cos it'll weird if I post it on my blog huhu ... do contact me in a way ya. msyaukat@gmail.com